• Gen-Orph

    Providing patients and physicians
    with effective and high quality medicines

  • Our mission

    Easy access to effective, useful and effective medicines.

    Gen.Orph obtained successfully the pharmaceutical status in March 2017.

    Operational start was in January 2018.

    Gen.Orph focuses all it’s efforts on the healthcare of national and international patients : 

    - Medicines for Orphan disease, that are effective and affordable

    - Medicines with attractive medical and economic potential

    - Innovative medicines for common diseases

  • Our products

    Our orphan drugs for the treatment of rare diseases

    GEN-ORPH 1

    Miglustat GEN-ORPH

    Treatment of Iysosomal storage disorders

    Gaucher disease Typ 1
    Niemann-Pick Typ C disease

    2018: France, Sweden, Norway and Finland
    2019: Italy, Bulgaria and Germany
    2020: Portugal, Serbia, Czech Republic, Ungary, Poland, Slowakia, Slowenia, England, Greece, Austria, Saudi Arabia and Latin America

    GEN-ORPH 2

    Cinacalcet GEN-ORPH

    Orphan Drug for the treatment of rare diseases

    Secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients with dialysis kidney failure associated with Phosphate binders and vitamin D, since September 2017 also approved for children over the age of three Hypercalcemia in parathyroid carcinoma

    Cinacalcet Gen.Orph is about to register in some European


    Q2 2020, after patent expiry of the original preparation

    GEN-ORPH 3

    Orphan drugs for the treatment of rare diseases


    Gen.Orph 3 is under development and gets into a decentralized process
    registered at European level.


    Launch planned in Q4 2020

  • To consult the summary of the characteristics produced, the notice, the opinion of the Transparency Commission, refer to the following link:




    Other Commercialized Products from Gen.Orph

    Agyrax, Postafen, Navidoxine

    Meclozine Chlorhydrat

    Available in France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Danmark, Iceland, Malta, Senegal and Ivory coast.


    Prevention and treatment of motion sickness
    Treatment of dizziness
    Treatment for nausea and vomiting pregnant women in Sweden.


    Aciclovir Lauridad

    Launched in the US, Italy and France


    Treatment of recurring herpes simplex in patients with frequent episodes.

  • Research and Development

    Further products are currently in the development phase

  • Quality Commitment

    In October 2014, LEEM and CEPS signed a new information rule aimed at promoting medicines.


    A new certification standard was published by the Haute Autorité de Santé in March 2016 and supplemented by a second component in March 2017.


    The regulation contains provisions to ensure the quality of the information provided, whether for advertising purposes or not, the correct use of medicinal products, the maintenance of the independence of health professionals and the organizational rules of the promotional information activity in each place of the health professional's practice and in particular in the health facilities.


    GEN-ORPH, an operating pharmaceutical company, has received the certification of its advertising activity in accordance with the new regulation and its guidelines (Bureau Veritas certification 8 March 2019).


    GEN-ORPH's Quality Policy for its Healthcare Information Promotion is to provide ethical, validated medical information to healthcare professionals that complies with applicable legal and ethical requirements.

    General Data Protection Regulation

    GEN-ORPH respects your privacy and protects your personal information. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the notices on data in the European Economic Area concerning medical information, product information and the safety of medicinal products. If you have questions about the use of your personal information by GEN-ORPH or would like to receive them by e-mail or post, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.


    Interests between the pharmaceutical companies and health professionals / and other stakeholders in the healthcare system will be published on the Internet in accordance with the law of 29 December 2011 on health security and its decree of 21 May 2011, which will improve the transparency of the entire health system.

  • The Team

    Etienne Jacob


    Medical doctor

    Pitié-Salpetriere, Paris

    Harvard Business School – AMP

    Patrice Layrac


    Master in Economics at the
    Universität de Paris Dauphine et


    Eric Lille


    Dr. A.M. Charrier

    Regulatory Affairs

    Agnès Arnaud

    Responsible Person back up

    Franck Grodenic

    Responsible person

    Anna Biedermann

    Commercial Management
    and Supply Chain

    Etienne Horreard

    Responsible Person

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